An article about The Animals and college baseball in Florida by one of our own.

I am an Animal.

This can be interpreted in a variety of ways, few of them positive, but what I mean is this: I am one of the Animals of Section B, a boisterous, zealous, almost famous group of fans that supportsFlorida State University’s Seminole baseball team with a devotion unparalleled in the world of college baseball.

We cheer: “N-O-L-E-S. NOLES!” “N-O-L-E-S. NOLES!” We chant when our pitcher is on the brink of a strikeout: “K Time! (Clap. Clap) K Time! (Clap, Clap.)” We razz opposing pitchers on the brink of issuing a walk: “Walk him on, rag arm, walk him on. (Get a hit!) Walk him on, rag arm, walk him on. (Get a hit!)”

We adhere to an often bizarre set of superstitions, some reaching back in time, some invented as events warrant. (See below regarding my odd contribution to this and, separately, to our traditional rendition of “O Canada,” the Canadian national anthem, though only one of us is of the Canadian persuasion.)

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